We are currently preparing for our first full tour of our latest show, I Think I’m A Feminist, which will debut in Leeds, Plymouth and London throughout October and November 2014, having had an Arts Council-funded development period in each of these cities.

Our first show, How to Start a Riot, was an exploration into crowd psychology which used the 2011 UK riots to unpick how and why a peaceful protest can turn violent. It toured nationally throughout 2013/14,

Our second show, I Think I’m a Feminist, took a look at the male role within gender equality and what it means to be a male feminist in the 21st century.

Labels, our third show, is an autobiographical show which charts one family’s history to explore what it means to be British in contemporary Britain.

Monster is an exploration of violence and aggression and weaves together a series of narratives to look at why different people react differently to violent impulses.

Fix is a show about addiction. It uses song and text to tell the stories of three different people who are affected by three different addictions.

Click on the individual links in the drop down menu to find out more about our various shows.

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